We proudly use Les Poochs luxury products, Best Shot deshedding 3 step system and B3 luxury shampoos!

Every Full Service Bath and Brush or Full Service Groom includes the following:

  • Nails clipped and filed
  • Ears cleaned and plucked
  • Luxury facial
  • Anal glands, if requested
  • Bath and Brush – with any shampoo and conditioner your pet’s skin and coat requires
  • Dental spray
  • Hair cut
  • Cologne
  • Bow or bandana

Add on services:

  • Tooth brushing
  • De-matting- if possible at a charge of  $1 per minute

Latch Key Service:

After your pet’s initial grooming service with us, Pippa’s Mobile Pet Salon offers a Latch Key Service.  Your pet can be groomed while you are away.  No need to be home to keep your pet’s appointment.  Just leave us a key, garage code, gate key etc..  We only ask that you leave your pet confined to one room.   You can either leave cash, check, or have a credit card on file with us. We will groom your pet and lock up per your instructions.