Why is Mobile Grooming more expensive than a regular salon?
Mobile grooming is more expensive because we bring a fully contained groom shop directly to your door. You receive individualized attention from beginning to end. Instead of driving your dog to the groom shop and dropping him off with 30 other dogs, all waiting to get worked on, your dog receives personalized attention, directly from us the entire time. Mobile grooming is low volume, so we have more time to spend with your pet, catering to their needs. Your pet will be groomed start to finish, with no cage time. This relaxed environment in our fully contained trailer reduces stress and creates a more enjoyable grooming environment for your pets.

What are the benefits of using a mobile groomer?
Mobile grooming greatly benefits your pet. Your pet is the ONLY pet being serviced in the salon. Your pet receives the groomer’s undivided attention during the entire groom. Your pet will be groomed start to finish with no down time during the groom. There is no car ride for to and from the salon. Your pet can walk out of the salon, and go right back home. Less stress and more enjoyable for you and your pet!

Do you have warm water?
YES! Our fully contained mobile grooming trailer has warm water, electricity, and is climate controlled. We have a 50 gallon fresh water tank with an on demand water heater, which means, no waiting for warm water!

Do you plug into my electricity?
No! Because our grooming trailer is self contained, we do not need to plug into your electricity. We have a generator that runs all our power. On rare occasion, we may ask to fill our water tank with your hose if we are running low on water. This would only be needed if we’ve had an exceptionally busy day with a lot of big, hairy dogs.

Do you groom big dogs?
We love big dogs! Our mobile salon is fully equipped with a large electric grooming table and a large tub to accommodate our larger clients.

How long does a grooming take?
Most grooms take about an hour to an hour and a half. It really depends on the size of the pet, if the pet is getting a clip or not, and the condition of the pet. Multiple pets and large de-shedding can take longer.

Do I have to be home?
We do require the client to be home for the initial grooming appointment. After that, we offer a latch key service. There is no extra charge to use latch key. All we require is leaving us a key, garage code, or some other way for us to access your pet. We only ask that your pet be confined to one room in your home. You can leave us cash, check or keep a card on file and come home to a clean pet. We will text you when we arrive and when we leave.

Can I see where my pet will be groomed?
Absolutely! We would love to show you our trailer. However, due to insurance purposes, we can not have clients in the trailer while grooming pets.

What if a client needs to cancel?
We understand, things happen. If you must cancel, we ask that your give us as much notice as possible, preferably 48 hours so we can schedule another client in your spot. Please text us as soon as possible if you need to cancel. Last minute or chronic cancelations will result in a $35 cancelation fee.

Why do I always get a voicemail when I call? During the day we are very busy grooming pets and driving to house calls.  We do not answer the phone when grooming because we are busy giving our clients personalized attention.  The fastest way to reach us is by text message or email.   We have extremely limited time in the evenings to return calls so please send us a text message to schedule an appointment or to request an estimate. Feel free to include a current picture of your pet.